Our Commitment to you during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Account Collections

The Coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented global event that has impacted every individual and family.  As many people have stated, "we're all in it together."

To that end, and consistent with our mission, Capital Anesthesia Partners will immediate cease any billing and collections activity on patient account balances including from our third-party collections company.  Patient account statements will no longer be mailed and telephone calls attempting to collect will cease immediately.  Please note that some statements may already be in transit via USPS, so you may still receive one statement.

When we return to a sense of normalcy, CAP will be committed to working with any patient who requires additional time to satisfy their financial obligations with us.  Until then, please stay safe, wash your hands, and contact your local hospital with any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

Brian Ramos, MBA, CMPE

Chief Operating Officer


Coronavirus Update

Last Update: Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Per the guidance of various professional medical societies as well as state departments of health and the federal government, CAP continues to provide care to patients undergoing urgent or emergent procedures.  All routine elective care has been cancelled at our practice locations.  Patients with symptoms should contact their primary care physician or present to an emergency room or urgent care center.


Capital Anesthesia Partners


Our Health Mission

Outpatient Anesthesia Expertise

Outpatient Anesthesia Expertise

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-efficient, safe care to every patient, every time, always.  We partner with our contracted facilities to improve operational performance and reduce cost.  Further, we conduct clinical research to help advance the safety of our specialty.


Outpatient Anesthesia Expertise

Outpatient Anesthesia Expertise

Outpatient Anesthesia Expertise

We care for more than 31,000 patients annually in our Maryland and District of Columbia practice locations.  We perform 12% of all outpatient Gastro, Colon and Rectal anesthesia cases in the state.  In fact, we have performed more than 260,000 outpatient procedures since our inception in 2011.


Providers Who Care

Outpatient Anesthesia Expertise

Providers Who Care

Our high-quality board certified physician anesthesiologists and licensed certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) provide safe and compassionate care to our patients.  Many of our providers have worked with us for several years.



Go-Live at Silverdale Anesthesia

Our newest client, Silverdale Anesthesia, went live with anesthesia services at Digestive Disease and Endoscopy Center on Monday, January 20th.  Silverdale Anesthesia's initial service includes staffing two of the Center's three rooms four days per week allowing gastroenterologists to care for patients undergoing endoscopic procedures without the need for conscious sedation.

Our anesthesia team is looking for high-quality CRNAs with experience in a fast-paced outpatient endoscopy center to join our PRN team.  View our current Silverdale positions.


We provide care to patients of 22 Top Doctors!

Washingtonian magazine recently released their annual report of top doctors in the region, selected by their peers.  We are proud to provide our anesthesia services to twenty-two of the top gastroenterologists.  While anesthesia providers are not included in the report, having so many of our referring providers acknowledged is a compliment to excellent patient care they deliver every day.